Welcome to Boggavarapu Guravaiah College of Physical Education

The role of a teacher has changed from an authoritarian to a friendly guide, a manager, a facilitator, a psychologist and a judge simultaneously. The curriculum is no longer an exercise for memory but it leads the students to reflect deeply and is activity-based. It is designed , nowadays, in such a way that an overall development of individuals is brought about by catering for their physical, emotional, intellectual, social, aesthetic and spiritual development. This makes the job of a teacher more demanding. Thus the teacher needs to be well equipped with all the skills to do justice to the children. Quite often the person himself is unaware of the potentialities the knowledge imported by the institute provides the confidence and the in depth knowledge which enables him to face the interviews with utmost ease.

Secretary's Message

I have immense pleasure in welcoming you to Boggavarapu Guravaiah College of Physical Education , a highly progressive and enterprising College pledged to providing quality education with great emphasis on traditional values.Besides academic excellence, the College is committed to inculcating in all +more


Boggavarapu Guravaiah College of Physical Education is a premier institute of D.P.Ed that has carved a niche for itself in the field of technical education in a very short span of time. +more


Boggavarapu Guravaiah College of Physical Education are committed to provide and continuously improve the healthy learning environment and supporting facilities for the students to achieve academic excellence for better employment.